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    Join us for half day Salesforce1 developer jam to find out more about Salesforce1, and try out building an app of their own.


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  • The Salesforce1 Platform was built with an API-first approach that allows developers to build amazing customer centric applications. To simplify this process for Microsoft .NET developers, we have built a set of toolkits that provide native libraries for the Salesforce1 APIs.

    Join Wade Wegner, Senior Director of Platform Architecture for, as he explains why these toolkits were built, how they were built, and how to build applications with them. In this talk you'll learn about Dev/CI environments, NuGet packaging, targeting multiple platforms using the Portable Class Libraries, the Async and Await asynchronous design pattern, and much more. This talk is heavy in code and examples, so come on in and join us!

  • With the proliferation of cloud applications, mobile devices, and the need to connect to external users, IT organizations are increasingly challenged with how to manage and gain transparency into user access to systems and applications.   As your organization looks to deploy Identity in the cloud, it’s critical that this is backed by open-standards.

    In this webinar, Chuck Mortimore, Pat Patterson, and Ian Glazer will give you a broad overview of how OpenID Connect can help better connect you with your customers, partners, apps, and devices.

  • If you are familiar with object-oriented languages like Java or C#, Apex may be the language you already almost know.  Apex is the cloud-based programming language used on the Salesforce1 Platform to take your enterprise applications to the next level.  In this webinar, get an introduction to how Apex is similar to other languages, how you can start coding in Apex with just a web browser, and an overview of the many functions Apex can perform for your applications and users.

  • You want to load tons of data into Salesforce. No problem, right? Just use the Bulk API and turn on parallel loading. Think again. Unless you carefully plan the big data loads that you want to break up into parallel operations to achieve maximum throughput, those loads can turn out more like slow, serial loads.

    In this webinar, Sean and Steve will teach you how to realize awesome throughput in your parallel data loads on the Salesforce1 Platform. After learning from the webinar's demos and code samples, you'll be able to apply your new deep knowledge of platform internals to measure load performance, recognize problems that slow your loads down, and work around these roadblocks.

  • CodeTalk helps you get answers to your technical questions "on the air" in an unscripted and entertaining format.

    Each live CodeTalk episode is a thirty-minute Q&A session dedicated to a specific topic. You can submit your questions using a chat window or Twitter (hashtag#codetalklive) and our team of technical experts answer them live. Along the way, each episode also highlights and dissects interesting and thought-provoking issues.

    This CodeTalk episode covers all your Spring '14 questions.  This is your chance to explore any pressing questions about updates to Visualforce, the Developer Console, APIs, Apex, and more.

  • Put a smile on your users’ faces by delivering mobile solutions your company needs - without writing any code!  Salesforce1 makes it easy for admins to create mobile apps.  Leveraging your existing skills, like page layout and security profile management, plus new point & click customizations like Publisher Actions and Compact Layouts, you can put your Salesforce apps into your users’ hands on their preferred mobile device.