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Fluent HTML
A project to provide a robust way to generate HTML from within Apex. Generating HTML from with Apex code for things such as Dynamic Visualforce Components is boring and error prone. The aim of this project is to provide developers with a code based solution to that problem rather than hand coding a series of strings. The project uses a Fluent style interface and current implements the basic HTML tags.
Project Owner:  Simon Goodyear
Created: Mon Jun 20 11:56:41 GMT 2011
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sObject Serialization
Born out of the desire to pass an sObject to a @future annotated method this project aims to provide means to serialize/deserialize sObjects. <br/> <br/>Passing a series of primitive type fields or a list of Ids to a @future method can be a bit cumbersome. Using serialization allows you to effectively pass the object to the method in one parameter. There are some limitations to this method such as not being able to deserialize non-updateable fields. However even with the limitations this provides a viable, useful alternative approach to the problem. <br/> <br/>Currently the project consists of two serialization methods; one based on the string.valueOf() function and another that works with JSON.
Project Owner:  Simon Goodyear
Created: Thu Jun 09 21:09:01 GMT 2011

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