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StratoSource is a backup and change tracking tool for Projects. It is designed to help fill the void in Cloud based development environments where multiple people are working in close proximity. It: <br/> <br/>* Backs up the environment configuration <br/>* Tracks what changed <br/> * Intelligent tracking "understands" XML files and correctly identifies fields, classes, triggers etc. as created, updated and deleted <br/> * Presents it in an easily readable human-friendly list <br/>* Imports development stories from Rally (optional) <br/> * Allows a development team to tag and track which changes go with which stories <br/> * Stories can be combined to form releases <br/> * Releases has an area to add notes or instructions <br/> * A single link is sent around with the full Manifest of what any given release includes
Project Owner:  Jan Kruger
Created: Wed Sep 14 17:44:32 GMT 2011

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