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Salesforce Chatter provides a rich suite of collaboration features to any application built on With Salesforce Chatter, your users and data can provide a stream of live updates, enhancing how applications, data and knowledge is used. As a developer, you will be able to instantly add social features like profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds to any application using Chatter technologies.

Here are some of the Chatter features that you will be able to incorporate into your applications:
  • Profiles: Each user has a visible profile page containing his Chatter wall as well as information about the user, including an image.
  • Status updates: Users can follow other users and data records, and be notified of status updates and field changes.
  • Feeds: Activities can be accessed through feeds. For example, you can access an aggregation of all the activity of those that you follow, or drill into only the activity within a particular record.
  • Security and sharing model: The Chatter platform supports the sophisticated sharing model built into the platform, ensuring that users see only what you want them to see.
  • Data model: Developers can utilize the data model underlying Chatter to query or create status updates programatically.

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"Chatter is going to revolutionize how we collaborate."
- Diana Harman
Sales Administrator