Chatter Developer Challenge

Congratulations to our winners!

On June 22nd at Cloudforce 2010 in San Jose, California, we announced the winners in our Chatter Developer Challenge. The competition was fierce, and the maturity of our developer community meant agonizing decisions for the judges who ultimately ended up awarding a three-way tie for third place.

Please view the final standings at the Developer Challenge gallery here.

Thanks to all who submitted entries in the Chatter Developer Challenge. Voting has ended, but you can still view the gallery here to browse the entries and leave comments.

The entries will now be judged by our expert panel to determine the winners. Those winners will be announced at our developer conference in San Jose on June 22nd - register and attend if you can!


Collaboration and social platforms are becoming a necessary part of any application. Use your skills and learn about Chatter and collaboration platforms, while having fun challenging your Developer Force community. There are only a few rules, and you're largely free to develop whatever tickles your fancy. Just follow these guidelines to get started:

  • If you don't already have a Developer Edition account to develop Chatter apps with, get one here.
  • Visit online resources like the Chatter page, the Chatter Dev Zone, or the Chatter discussion board for news, tips, advice and ideas.
  • Use your new Chatter-enabled Developer Edition environment to develop your application.
  • Submit your application by June 6. The submission form will be publicized here and in the Chatter Developer Zone before this date.


Whether you're new to or an experienced developer, you're welcome to join this developer challenge! Anyone can join, including partners! Our only condition is that your app cannot be commercially marketed.

All you have to do is sign up to get access to the Chatter Dev Zone, an environment where Chatter developers can view sample applications, view code, and ask experts and community leaders for tips.

The Prizes

There are some hot technology goodies up for grabs:

  • Our first place winner will get a 17" MacBook Pro AND a top of the line, 64GB 3G iPad AND an iPhone!*
  • Second place will receive a 64GB 3G iPad
  • Third place contestant gets an iPhone*
  • Share your source code to enter the drawing for another 64GB 3G iPad giveaway!
  • A large number of runner-ups will receive iPod Nanos

The Rules

You can use any or all parts of the platform, as long as you employ Chatter as a feature of your application. You can submit as many applications as you like! Judging will be a combination of community-based voting and a panel of judges. Directions for submission of entries will be coming shortly, so keep checking back here or in the Chatter Dev Zone for instructions.

To Help You Get Started...

You can create any application you like, but if you're having a hard time coming up with ideas, we have a few to help you get started:

  • Email-to-Chatter tool: post Chats via email.
  • A Chatter-based game: perhaps like Risk or Trade Wars.
  • A Chatter leaderboard: who is chatting the most?
  • Chatter trends: what terms are people in your organization using? What's hot?
  • Friend finder: Find the right people to network with in your org.
  • Internal skill search: Who in your org can answer your question?
  • Mashups: What other services can be integrated with Chatter?

The Legalese

Download the document with the official rules.

* iPhone prize winners will receive a redemption certificate for an iPhone