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  • FeedSentiment leverages the power of the publicly available TwitterSentiment sentiment analysis API to give you an instant view of how members of your organisation are feeling about your Salesforce Opportunities, Accounts, and other Chatter enabled objects. It classifies all posts in the chatter feeds attached to Salesforce objects as positive, negative or neutral and provides a summary sentiment score that gives you a metric for the positivity or negativity of the conversation. It also tracks the daily trend in the conversation and shows you in what direction things are going. Using this managers, for instance, can get a quick overview of how their sales team is feeling about key opportunities, new members of a bid team can get an instant sense of the state the bid, and existing members of the team can follow how the tone of conversation changes over time. In the FeedSentiment widget you will see the summary sentiment score which is a weighted average of the ratings of the posts associated with the object. Next to it you will see the daily trend for the object which will be an arrow pointing up, down or to the side depending on which way the feed is trending. The final bit of information is the actual count of feed posts that have been classified as positive negative or neutral with a link to drill down to more detail.

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