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ServiceMax Chatter Volume

  • Chatter has transformed the way your company collaborates. Chatter gives your employees and your systems a voice and lets them share key information with the people it matters to most. But how do you absorb and make use of the vast amount of information, how do you tune into the buzz and zoom in to where the chatter level is highest? ServiceMax ChatterVolume uses Google maps to show you clusters of Chatters by location. With ChatterVolume, zoom in to where your systems and employees are buzzing the loudest. * Lots of support cases coming in near Chicago due to a down service line? ChatterVolume will tell you even before your customers notify you. * Lots of sales opportunities positively impacted by an expensive marketing event happening in NYC? ChatterVolume will zoom you in to the specific comments realtime. * Printing issues plaguing employees in San Jose? ChatterVolume lets you hone in on what people are saying about the problem and provide quick resolution.

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The Chatter Volume app is free and does not depend on ServiceMax Suite. Did you get any error messages during the installation process? The org you are installing in should have Chatter enabled, to install the app.

Rajesh Rao 06/11/2010 16:18
@Rajesh, can't understand the concept completely but seems interesting. 

I want to gave try for this, so searched on appexchange. I found two apps 
1. ServiceMax Suite: Field Service On Demand -- PAID
2. ServiceMax Chatter Volume -- FREE

I tried to install the 2nd FREE one under impression that it is the same chatter app. But for that installation never completed(even with ignore apex tests). So want to confirm if I was trying the correct app ? Or do I need to install the PAID first 1st APP to get the 2nd working ?

Trisha Garness 06/11/2010 14:32