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Twitter Campaigns, enhanced with Chatter

  • Twitter Campaigns let you create a Salesforce campaign around a Twitter #hashtag, and use Twitter's Search API to pull matching Tweets into your Salesforce system. In addition to allowing you to treat Tweets like any other Salesforce object, the application searches your existing Contacts and Leads to find records with matching Twitter usernames. If any Tweets in the campaign match existing records, a Chatter post is added to the Twitter Campaign to let you know that matches have been found, and LinkPosts are added to the associated Contact or Lead's newsfeed indicating that they participated in a campaign, with the text of their tweet and a link to the original Tweet in Twitter. This provides you with new ways to interact with new and potential clients, and helps you to identify and engage with your community. Twitter Campaigns use Twitter's Search API, the Salesforce DOM class to parse the response, custom junction objects and custom fields to provide links between the Tweets you collect, the Twitter Campaign and your Contacts and Leads, and a trigger on Tweet (custom object) that creates the Tweet-Contact and Tweet-Lead links as well as the Chatter LinkPosts with the details.

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