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Flip Book for News Feeds

  • Flip Book for News Feeds is an electronic flip book which shows all the latest chatter News Posts for a logged in Sales Force user. Using this application Sales Force users can view all the latest chatter news feeds along with the other useful details in interactive book format. All SalesForce users with chatter enabled, especially who want to access their feeds quickly and in interactive way rather than a conventional list of feeds. Currently this application is Flex web app showing live chatter data, but it can be a Desktop AIR app which user can access offline or online similarly like yahoo messenger or skype. So that there will be no need of logging to SF via browser. He can just open this app and stay online, he can see this or he can also gets Alerts like outlook for new Feeds.

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App is cool and simple. Will prefer to use this book than the normal showcase of my chats..   
sforce sforce 06/14/2010 15:28