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Salesforce Chatter for Android

  • Salesforce Chatter for Android allows you to access your Chatter feeds from an Android mobile handset. The application is built upon a combination of the Force.com platform, Google App Engine and a Google Android mobile handset. It utilizes Force.com Remote Access Applications with 3-legged OAuth for security. The Android application has the following functionality: - Display your Chatter NewsFeed - Update your User status - Refresh your Chatter NewsFeed and store it in the local SQLite database - Choose a project (custom object) that you are following and view its Chatter Feed - Update the project’s status - Refresh the Chatter Feed for the project (including field changes to the record) and store it in the local SQLite database

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Shen K 06/28/2012 23:50
 Seconded - it would be great to follow up on Chatter development with updates going to my phone  
Duncan Stewart 06/18/2010 19:15
 That's better, the voting seems less skewed now.  
Elvis Presley 06/11/2010 09:16

Is it available on Android Market, I have a G1 and would love to play with it.

Abhinav Gupta 06/11/2010 05:46