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TwitCh for salesforce.com

  • TwitCh provides a central point to aggregate not only important information from Chatter, but also feeds from external accounts like Twitter or Facebook. Because collaboration in the enterprise isn't only limited to employees within an organisation, TwitCh enables the display of all social feed information that might be important to a business. The key features of TwitCh are: - The ability to completely configure accounts, feeds, and the display of this information - Central aggregation of any number of Twitter and Facebook account feeds - Each message has context-sensitive functions and links to allow the user to work with the relevant message - External accounts use OAuth authorisation, meaning that no sensitive information needs to be stored within salesforce.com apart from an arbitrary token - Single page which can be set to auto-refresh, Web 2.0 usability TwitCh provides an ideal central point from which to monitor these feeds, and make appropriate actions or updates.

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 I love the OAuth stuff.  
Jon Mountjoy 06/16/2010 15:43
 Like it. I love the ability to post messages once and push them out to multiple destinations in one guy. Nice UI design, too.  
kumar.shah@magnet-i.com 06/10/2010 07:09
Thanks Joe, please spread the word! ;)
Also look out for TwitCh on the Appexchange I'm going to try and get it listed after the dev challenge...

Stephen Brown 06/10/2010 02:22
 Good work Stephen. Particularly like the AJAX settings and how configurable everything is.  
Joe Feltham 06/09/2010 21:13