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StratoSource is a backup and change tracking tool for Force.com Projects. It is designed to help fill the void in Cloud based development environments where multiple people are working in close pro...
Project Owner: Jan Kruger
Created: November 21 2011 07:06
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Test Execution Emailer
For deploying code in production, or uploading a package, your code coverage should be above 75%, and no trigger should have 0% coverage - otherwise the Force.com platform doesn’t allow a deploy or...
Project Owner: Bhawani Sharma
Created: September 26 2011 09:53
Force.com's record clone function only clones the record itself without taking into the account of its "detail/child" records. The Super Clone provides both API (can be directly called from your ow...
Project Owner: jing hai li
Created: August 15 2011 00:51
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Fluent HTML
A project to provide a robust way to generate HTML from within Apex. Generating HTML from with Apex code for things such as Dynamic Visualforce Components is boring and error prone. The aim of ...
Project Owner: Simon Goodyear
Created: August 15 2011 00:49
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sObject Serialization
Born out of the desire to pass an sObject to a @future annotated method this project aims to provide means to serialize/deserialize sObjects. <br/> <br/>Passing a series of primitive type fields or...
Project Owner: Simon Goodyear
Created: June 09 2011 14:09
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