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Groundwire Auctions for Salesforce

Project Owner: Groundwire

Created: March 24 2010


This project holds the source code for's Auction Management package for Salesforce. It consists of an Application, multiple custom objects and tabs, and the usage of Opportunities and Campaigns.

The auction management system has been designed to handle both the donated items that come in (e.g., airline tickets, a painting, a case of wine, etc.), as well as the actual auction items that will be sold (e.g., a vacation package, a painting, a wine and cheese basket, etc.).

This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.

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5 stars
(by gokubi on Mon May 03 17:57:01 GMT 2010)
This is amazing functionality that nails the common business processes around auction. It's fully functional and easy to use. Provided as code, managed and unmanaged packages? Above and beyond the call of duty! Awesome commitment to sharing!