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Opportunity Rollup to Account/Contact/Household

Project Owner: Groundwire

Created: April 12 2010


This project contains Salesforce code that uses aggregate (GROUP BY) queries to automatically calculate various opportunity totals and save them on account, contact, and household records. Provides a huge variety of summary totals, including number and amount of opportunities closed each year and in past 365 days, first and last close date, smallest/largest/average amount, fiscal or calendar year, specific record types. The code depends on specific field names and helper classes, so it will require some modification to work with your schema. The "Install" link is a package that provides just one part of the functionality (fiscal-year summary Visualforce "pagelets").

This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.

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5 stars
(by lakshman m on Mon Jun 23 08:30:28 GMT 2014)
I'm unable to find that source code.please provide me the code link...

5 stars
(by lakshman m on Mon Jun 23 08:30:26 GMT 2014)
I'm unable to find that source code.please provide me the code link...

5 stars
(by Jerry Reid on Fri May 17 21:42:11 GMT 2013)
I did want all those reading this to know that you can now implement many different types of rollups on the salesforce platform using Rollup Helper. Rollup Helper is a 5-star app that is available for free here:

3 stars
(by OXYEHHO_ on Thu Jan 27 21:15:02 GMT 2011)
Where is the source code?

4 stars
(by Gary Fuller on Mon Jul 26 14:43:27 GMT 2010)
I have tried to use the Opportunity Roll-up by record type in my sandbox. It installs easily and it works without having to modify any code....except for one thing. The summaries do not seem to reflect the fiscal year accurately. I have also installed this into my production account so I could get a greater sense of the problem. Initially I thought that I may have set up my Orgs Fiscal Year incorrectly, but that is not the case since all reports generated using the Fiscal_Year field show tha