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Project Owner: Ron Hess

Created: November 07 2008


Visualforce and Apex Classes for building Google Earth and Google Maps applications. These classes and components allow developers to quickly understand and build Visualforce pages that display Google Maps and Google Earth directly in the browser. Map your accounts, or extend this project to map other objects that have Latitude and Longitude information.
In addition there are Apex Test Methods that meet or exceed 75% code coverage so that you can quickly add these components to your existing apps.

The Maps are shown using the Google Visualization framework. This allows you to take advantage of current and future features from Google easily and quickly.

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4 stars
(by Arun kadarala on Sat Oct 06 12:42:25 GMT 2012)
I want to show account of particular lat and long in a pageblock.. can anyone say what code should I use from all codes..

5 stars
(by Asif Kutagulla on Thu Jan 19 08:42:35 GMT 2012)
Thanks Ron. The code was working perfectly fine for me recently. But all of a sudden i am getting this error. Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id a06M00000017jAFIAY; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, GeoCode: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.AsyncException: Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method. As mentioned in the code, i am calling the method marked as @future (Callout=True) from a trigger.

5 stars
(by michaellegrand on Tue Nov 03 23:28:37 GMT 2009)
GoogleMapTest Page - Error "The columns type does not match the supported data format. See documentation for supported formats." ---Resolution--- : //1// GoogleMapController.cls Replace line 24 to 26 as below : new GoogleViz.Col('A','Lat','number'), new GoogleViz.Col('B','Lon','number'), new GoogleViz.Col('C','Name','string') //2// GoogleViz.cls Replace code with content of "GoogleViz.cls" from " for Google Visualization" project (

5 stars
(by Developer Developer on Wed Oct 28 17:52:51 GMT 2009)
Hi to all, when running the GoogleMapTest, I get, in the GoogleMaps square the error: The columns type does not match the supported data format. See documentation for supported formats. do you know whaht could be the problem? Tx a lot.

5 stars
(by RAGHUKUMAR MAHAMKALI on Mon Mar 02 05:57:07 GMT 2009)
Hi, Finally this is working for me and is awesome. Thanks again to the author. For those who wants to implement - here are the additional changes I was referring to in my previous review 1. Create three fields on Account object - lat__c Number (5,2) - lon__c Number(5,2) - geocode_status__c Text 50 Add the following url under setup - security controls - remote site settings - Also sign up for the google key at

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