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Created: February 08 2010


Integration between Asterisk PBX and CTI

Introduction to tool AstCTIForce

The tool consists of a Server AstCTIForce the Server, which itself has a database with information in connection with the Asterisk PBX through its interface AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) is a TCP / IP interface which travels commands PBX, or the entire flow of events. The Manager allows a user to connect to an instance can see and read the events that pass the flow. This information is copied to the database server which AstCTIForce and queried in real time by AstCTIForce Client, this in turn will be installed on the computer at a call center attendant, and integrate the information from an incoming call with the CTI Adapter Salesforce, which allowed this information to be displayed in your browser in the Softphone application of Salesforce.

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