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Project Owner: Nick Tran

Created: December 07 2008


The for Google App Engine library enables you to access the platform from Google App Engine Apps - Cloud to Cloud.

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3 stars
(by Jon Mountjoy on Tue May 11 13:03:53 GMT 2010)
Nitin, click on the "View Source" link. It takes you to the home page of the project., which includes a download too.

5 stars
(by Nitin Jain on Tue May 11 09:36:26 GMT 2010)
I cant find the download link

2 stars
(by Konstantin Krauss on Mon Oct 12 15:53:49 GMT 2009)
Good tool, but completely out of date. (API v.7) There are new beatbox versions (API v.16) out, but not for Google App Engine. Please keep your package up-to-date.

5 stars
(by steve_andersen on Mon Dec 08 18:13:20 GMT 2008)
We use Python to integrate with Plone. The toolkit in the Plone integration is version 7.0 of the API. I can't wait to incorporate the Appengine toolkit's improvements! Check out the open source Plone integration project: