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StratoSource is a backup and change tracking tool for Projects. It is designed to help fill the void in Cloud based development environments where multiple people are working in close proximity. It: <br/> <br/>* Backs up the environment configuration <br/>* Tracks what changed <br/> * Intelligent tracking "understands" XML files and correctly identifies fields, classes, triggers etc. as created, updated and deleted <br/> * Presents it in an easily readable human-friendly list <br/>* Imports development stories from Rally (optional) <br/> * Allows a development team to tag and track which changes go with which stories <br/> * Stories can be combined to form releases <br/> * Releases has an area to add notes or instructions <br/> * A single link is sent around with the full Manifest of what any given release includes
Project Owner:  Jan Kruger
Created: Mon Nov 21 15:06:58 GMT 2011
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Test Execution Emailer
For deploying code in production, or uploading a package, your code coverage should be above 75%, and no trigger should have 0% coverage - otherwise the platform doesn’t allow a deploy or upload. <br/> <br/>Suppose, at the time of class creation, you implemented the test method as well. After some time on a client request, some changes have been made in the controller and you forgot to modify the test method. At the time of deployment this failure and the lack of coverage will not allow you to deploy the code. <br/> <br/>These culprits can be a cause for missing deadlines. <br/> <br/>So get rid from this panic with this utility I created. Using this tool, Run All test can be scheduled and the results will be emailed on to the specified email addresses. So each morning you access your email, RunAllTest.xls will be there. By looking at this you will always be up to date with your coverage - reducing the last moment pain for developers. <br/> <br/>Documentation and presentation files to help setting up your environment are inside the package.
Project Owner:  Bhawani Sharma
Created: Mon Sep 26 16:53:15 GMT 2011's record clone function only clones the record itself without taking into the account of its "detail/child" records. The Super Clone provides both API (can be directly called from your own code) and visual force page UI access to clone the master and detail records in one go. An example of API access: <br/> <br/>//clone an account record (id is a0190000001E3JJ) with all related detail records(contact,opportunity...) //note, detailed records to be cloned can be further declared. By default, it takes all child records. <br/> <br/>Clone cc=new Clone(); <br/>string parentObjAPIName=cc.returnAPIObjectName('a0190000001E3JJ'); <br/>Map&lt;string,string&gt; objLabelobjAPI=cc.getAllChildObjNames(parentObjAPIName,'a0190000001E3JJ'); <br/>string clondedParentRecordID=cc.startsClone('a0190000001E3JJ', objLabelobjAPI.values()); <br/> <br/>That's it, totally 4 lines code. <br/> <br/>To use it in a Visualforce page, all you need to do is to pass the master record id to the URL: <br/>yoursalesforce master record id, e.g: <br/> <br/>
Project Owner:  jing hai li
Created: Mon Aug 15 07:51:05 GMT 2011
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Fluent HTML
A project to provide a robust way to generate HTML from within Apex. Generating HTML from with Apex code for things such as Dynamic Visualforce Components is boring and error prone. The aim of this project is to provide developers with a code based solution to that problem rather than hand coding a series of strings. The project uses a Fluent style interface and current implements the basic HTML tags.
Project Owner:  Simon Goodyear
Created: Mon Aug 15 07:49:47 GMT 2011
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sObject Serialization
Born out of the desire to pass an sObject to a @future annotated method this project aims to provide means to serialize/deserialize sObjects. <br/> <br/>Passing a series of primitive type fields or a list of Ids to a @future method can be a bit cumbersome. Using serialization allows you to effectively pass the object to the method in one parameter. There are some limitations to this method such as not being able to deserialize non-updateable fields. However even with the limitations this provides a viable, useful alternative approach to the problem. <br/> <br/>Currently the project consists of two serialization methods; one based on the string.valueOf() function and another that works with JSON.
Project Owner:  Simon Goodyear
Created: Thu Jun 09 21:09:01 GMT 2011
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Klout + Salesforce Mashup
Get Klout scores and more for your Salesforce Leads and Contacts. Supports calls to all four of Klouts API methods (klout, show, topics, users). Also includes schedulable batch apex to update Klout scores, and triggers to update Klout info for Leads and Contacts after insert.
Project Owner:  clint3000
Created: Tue May 17 16:24:15 GMT 2011
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SmartFactory for
SmartFactory aims to provide test data objects with all required fields and object lookups pre-populated. The idea came from writing unit tests for unfamiliar orgs, where setting up test data might mean digging through a large hierarchy of lookup relationships and required fields. Instead, SmartFactory uses the Describe metadata to populate all fields with data of the right type. It currently handles string and lookup fields. For lookup fields, it creates an appropriate object and then uses that object's ID.
Project Owner:  Matthew Botos
Created: Mon May 16 19:40:31 GMT 2011
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Apex Code Patrol
Apex Code Patrol allows you to control the execution of your classes, triggers, groups or even single methods, by setting execution limits or simply disabling the code on the fly.
Project Owner:  S W
Created: Sat May 07 23:14:05 GMT 2011
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Milestones PM
Milestones PM is a free, lightweight task and project manager for There are a number of potential improvements customers have asked for -- please jump in with code refactors, test improvements, feature building, etc.
Project Owner:  Reid_S_Carlberg
Created: Wed Apr 27 19:22:16 GMT 2011
Import data from Google Analytics into Salesforce and applications for reports, dashboards, and mashups.
Project Owner:  Mavens Consulting, Inc.
Created: Wed Apr 20 21:43:44 GMT 2011

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