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Milestones PM
Milestones PM is a free, lightweight task and project manager for There are a number of potential improvements customers have asked for -- please jump in with code refactors, test improvements, feature building, etc.
Project Owner:  Reid_S_Carlberg
Created: Wed Apr 27 19:22:16 GMT 2011
A simple chatter app that shows UserFeed posts based on predefined keyword filters of interest or a list of hash (#) and address (@) tags built on the fly.
Project Owner:  Reid_S_Carlberg
Created: Mon Mar 15 03:50:48 GMT 2010
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Brackets helps run tournament prediction games in your org. Compatible with DE, FFE, EE and UE. Created by Labs.
Project Owner:  Reid_S_Carlberg
Created: Thu Mar 17 21:30:23 GMT 2011

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