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SF Portlets

Project Owner: aslam bari

Created: October 12 2010


With my previous experience with many projects it seems "one special" kind of requirement comes always and that always needs me and my team to build every time from scratch and takes time to complete. Yes, this is "Portlets Home" page for clients with a drag and drop boxes on a single page, each box contains different information section bla bla. Yes, requirements for different clients always differ from each other, but the BASIC building blocks are same for all. All needed a Home page with 3 or 4 column boxes with title and information. All boxes must be draggable etc. These building blocks every time needs attest 30-50 hours to complete. Some people uses ExtJs to build it, some uses jQuery and other JS Framework.

So, here i have come up with a "SF Portlets" project. The beauty of this project is , it is configurable , easy to install/setup, and you don’t need to think about BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS, all is created and ready to use for you, you just need to concentrate on client extra requirement From that point where this project Ends.

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(by anand rastogi on Thu Aug 08 18:05:45 GMT 2013)
Hi Id Mubark, i followed your pdf but iam getting an error Visualforce Error Unknown property 'BytecodeApexObject.portletRecord' Error is in expression '{!Portlet.portletRecord.Type__c = 'Query'}' in component <apex:outputPanel> in component c:portlet