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Project Owner: Kyle Roche

Created: November 02 2009


Developed by Appirio: Kyle Roche (lead) / Aslam Bari (dev)

APEX Twilio Library for This library implements the Twilio REST API as well as provides a set of Visualforce components that wrap the TwiML elements.

Twilio is an on-demand IVR.

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4 stars
(by Jon Plax on Wed Feb 29 00:42:20 GMT 2012)
Twilio has released an up-to-date, supported and fully documented helper library for Salesforce at Check it out!

2 stars
(by dmsx2_o on Sat May 22 19:26:05 GMT 2010)
The codeshare and install package are missing a require field (User.TwilioPhone__c) and sObject (TwilioConfig__c). Please update and include those.

5 stars
(by kamalakar rao on Thu Jan 21 23:38:00 GMT 2010)
Hi Kyle, Gr8 code. Need a help on how to provision a number in the salesforce from the Twilio. Any samples will be very helpful. Regards

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