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SQLForce -- Command Line Tool for SOQL including INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE

Project Owner: Gregory Smith

Created: January 12 2010


SQLForce is a command line scriptable tool that provides ANSI like SOQL DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT/DISTINCT, and SELECT/UNION commands that can save you a lot
<br/>&lt;br/&gt;&amp;lt;br/&amp;gt;of time when maintaining SalesForce. See the source link for more info and the jar.
<br/>See for the latest version.

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5 stars
(by Adam Daw on Wed Dec 01 16:24:50 GMT 2010)
Looks absolutely fantastic, I'd love to use it but the org I'm in right now doesn't use tokens... any workaround for that? UPDATE : The latest update resolved that issue, now I can use the application in our org! Thanks Greg for resolving that!

5 stars
(by rpolisetti on Wed Feb 10 16:30:21 GMT 2010)
Good work Mr. Smith. CVS output: column data must be enclosed in double quotes. If the values pulled out of Salesforce object contains commas, then the output is not usable. This needs to be fixed.

3 stars
(by force2b on Wed Feb 10 14:19:25 GMT 2010)
Looking forward to playing with this, though the [Install] button above actually goes to a different application - AccountContactAsyncDupCheck

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