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Toolkit for PayPal X Payments Platform

Project Owner: Praveen Alavilli

Created: March 15 2010


The PayPal X Payments Platform provides several Adaptive Payments APIs that enable you to provision payments through applications or services running on the Cloud. Using the PayPal X Payments Apex Toolkit, applications can handle payments, preapprovals for payments, refunds, and even use the Foreign Exchange currency conversion rates from platform. Please check for more information about PayPal's Adaptive Payments APIs.

This project includes a Apex code package that can be installed in a org to integrate with PayPal X Payments Platform, and make use of various API operations provided. \n

PayPal X Payments Platform Toolkit includes support for Adaptive Payments and Adaptive Accounts APIs.

Please feel free to explore more in the source code and please contact us if you would like to contribute.

PayPal X Developer Portal
Adaptive Payments
Adaptive Accounts
Obtaining API Credentials
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1 star
(by chiranjeevi neelam on Thu Oct 17 21:47:44 GMT 2013)
It is easy to install like other Applications. But as there is no document anywhere that says how to test it and and how to do some mock payments, it is becoming very difficult to use this. It would be great, if team attach proper developer documents to implement and use same.

1 star
(by CESabarre on Wed Sep 21 21:42:32 GMT 2011)
This is more of an Advertisement than a shared code.

5 stars
(by Engineer on Thu Apr 22 17:19:15 GMT 2010)
Using these APIs you can empower your apps with not just payment acceptance but with currency conversion, create account, chained payments, credit card processing, and a lot more.