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Project Owner: Abhinav Gupta

Created: July 12 2010


Project "tolerado" is a Java based Client side Framework for better and fault tolerant use of Web Service APIs given by Salesforce. This project is named "tolerado" as it will mainly focus on improving the error handling on client web service calls, i.e. making the client side fixture more fault tolerable. Main focus will be on

1. Correct exception handling for web service failures. Provision will be made to recover failures which can be retried.

2. Giving transparent caching of Stubs, so that login call can be saved.

3. Giving utility and wrapper API's for easing and making development effort less error prone with existing WS client stubs.

4. All this should be transparent, i.e. developers should be able to migrate to Tolerado with ease.

Tolerado will integrate deeply with Salesforce Partner, Apex and Metadata WSDL web services, though later on it will expose points to plugin the enterprise wsdl services too. Enterprise WSDL is excluded intentionally because of Org specific dependencies. So for rest like partner,apex and metadata WSDLs, you guys can use your existing WSDL2Java client side Axis stubs with this project.

Note as of now Tolerado only wraps Apache Axis 1.4 stubs. Later on we will be exposing API for WSC also.

Google Code Project
Client Code improvements with Tolerado
Tolerado Code Samples
Getting Started with Tolerado
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(by Quinton Wall on Mon Jul 19 18:41:46 GMT 2010)
Awesome stuff. I haven't dug too deep into the code yet, but this is certainly something that many customers will find extremely helpful, and avoid a lot of custom development required to effectively handle web service fault tolerance when integrating with other applications. Big thumbs up for the fantastic Getting Started with Tolerado page. All codeshare projects should have a page like this; It makes the learning curve and identification of value phase so much quicker. Thanks for sh

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