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Project Owner: Jan Kruger

Created: November 21 2011


StratoSource is a backup and change tracking tool for Projects. It is designed to help fill the void in Cloud based development environments where multiple people are working in close proximity. It:

* Backs up the environment configuration
* Tracks what changed
* Intelligent tracking "understands" XML files and correctly identifies fields, classes, triggers etc. as created, updated and deleted
* Presents it in an easily readable human-friendly list
* Imports development stories from Rally (optional)
* Allows a development team to tag and track which changes go with which stories
* Stories can be combined to form releases
* Releases has an area to add notes or instructions
* A single link is sent around with the full Manifest of what any given release includes

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5 stars
(by Kiran R on Wed Oct 01 01:29:44 GMT 2014)
I can't imagine my life on salesforce platform without using this tool. Every member of our team uses for every single release and it saved our lives innumerous times. StratoSRC not only limited to the source control but also, Runs Unit Tests Nightly basis and sends out the emails, Backs up the salesforec's meta data.

5 stars
(by Roy.Gilad on Mon Apr 08 13:53:29 GMT 2013)
Great tool, thank you!

5 stars
(by cmendler on Tue Sep 11 20:43:43 GMT 2012)
It's amazing to see how this tool has grown and filled some very basic needs of SFDC development. From tracking changes, to agile development, to release management... I don't know where I would be without it

2 stars
(by SANTHOSH BHOYER on Thu May 24 04:33:49 GMT 2012)
Just roughly i went through it, Any how its a good job, i will get back to ur project code soon.., Thank you

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