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OAuth Playground
This project provides a basic oauth 1.0 consumer implementation in Apex. It defines objects for storing keys and secrets for multiple services and users. It also comes with an API "playground" where you can try out API calls to your Oauth services. <br/> <br/>The code has been tested with the following services: <br/> <br/>- Google (Contacts, Calendar, Portable Contacts) <br/>- LinkedIn (can't get status API to work, but the OAuth part works fine) <br/>- Twitter <br/>- TripIt <br/>- Salesforce (works except that redirects can get confused if on same instance)
Project Owner:  Jesper Joergensen
Created: Thu Aug 12 16:27:12 GMT 2010
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Data Loader CLIq
Configuring the command line interface (cli) for the Salesforce Data Loader can be daunting, especially for first-time users. CLIq provides a simple wizard to create a basic directory structure and configuration files.
Project Owner:  Vijay Swamidass
Created: Sat Nov 14 01:10:18 GMT 2009
This project contains Salesforce code that uses aggregate (GROUP BY) queries to automatically calculate various opportunity totals and save them on account, contact, and household records. Provides a huge variety of summary totals, including number and amount of opportunities closed each year and in past 365 days, first and last close date, smallest/largest/average amount, fiscal or calendar year, specific record types. The code depends on specific field names and helper classes, so it will require some modification to work with your schema. The "Install" link is a package that provides just one part of the functionality (fiscal-year summary Visualforce "pagelets"). <br/> <br/>This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.
Project Owner:  Groundwire
Created: Mon Apr 12 18:56:53 GMT 2010
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Visualforce Calendar
Simple example of placing objects on a calendar using Visualforce and a data model that describes months as lists of weeks and weeks as lists of days. This is intended as a starting point for a project and serves no other use at this time. This can be used to create a custom calendar component.
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Sat Oct 18 00:39:13 GMT 2008's record clone function only clones the record itself without taking into the account of its "detail/child" records. The Super Clone provides both API (can be directly called from your own code) and visual force page UI access to clone the master and detail records in one go. An example of API access: <br/> <br/>//clone an account record (id is a0190000001E3JJ) with all related detail records(contact,opportunity...) //note, detailed records to be cloned can be further declared. By default, it takes all child records. <br/> <br/>Clone cc=new Clone(); <br/>string parentObjAPIName=cc.returnAPIObjectName('a0190000001E3JJ'); <br/>Map&lt;string,string&gt; objLabelobjAPI=cc.getAllChildObjNames(parentObjAPIName,'a0190000001E3JJ'); <br/>string clondedParentRecordID=cc.startsClone('a0190000001E3JJ', objLabelobjAPI.values()); <br/> <br/>That's it, totally 4 lines code. <br/> <br/>To use it in a Visualforce page, all you need to do is to pass the master record id to the URL: <br/>yoursalesforce master record id, e.g: <br/> <br/>
Project Owner:  jing hai li
Created: Mon Aug 15 07:51:05 GMT 2011
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SF Portlets
With my previous experience with many projects it seems "one special" kind of requirement comes always and that always needs me and my team to build every time from scratch and takes time to complete. Yes, this is "Portlets Home" page for clients with a drag and drop boxes on a single page, each box contains different information section bla bla. Yes, requirements for different clients always differ from each other, but the BASIC building blocks are same for all. All needed a Home page with 3 or 4 column boxes with title and information. All boxes must be draggable etc. These building blocks every time needs attest 30-50 hours to complete. Some people uses ExtJs to build it, some uses jQuery and other JS Framework. <br/> <br/>So, here i have come up with a "SF Portlets" project. The beauty of this project is , it is configurable , easy to install/setup, and you don’t need to think about BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS, all is created and ready to use for you, you just need to concentrate on client extra requirement From that point where this project Ends.
Project Owner:  aslam bari
Created: Tue Oct 12 07:15:26 GMT 2010
The PayPal X Payments Platform provides several Adaptive Payments APIs that enable you to provision payments through applications or services running on the Cloud. Using the PayPal X Payments Apex Toolkit, applications can handle payments, preapprovals for payments, refunds, and even use the Foreign Exchange currency conversion rates from platform. Please check for more information about PayPal&amp;amp;amp;amp;#39;s Adaptive Payments APIs. <br/> <br/>This project includes a Apex code package that can be installed in a org to integrate with PayPal X Payments Platform, and make use of various API operations provided. \n <br/> <br/>PayPal X Payments Platform Toolkit includes support for Adaptive Payments and Adaptive Accounts APIs. <br/> <br/>Please feel free to explore more in the source code and please contact us if you would like to contribute.
Project Owner:  Praveen Alavilli
Created: Mon Mar 15 20:32:14 GMT 2010
Import data from Google Analytics into Salesforce and applications for reports, dashboards, and mashups.
Project Owner:  Mavens Consulting, Inc.
Created: Wed Apr 20 21:43:44 GMT 2011

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