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The Accelerator Toolkit for PHP is a PHP Package for accessing the API through the PHP language. The SFatp runs on usual PHP installation starting from version 5 with cURL- and Open-SSL-support. The big benefits over the existing toolkits are : - full support for all APIs (Partner, Metadata, Enterprise, Apex) - complete support for all methods in the the APIs - full-typed php-classes for all schema-types; no need to work with stdClass - completly pre-generated library that will not need to pre-parse the WSDL. Resulting in a performance benefit; could be even higher together with a PHP byte-code acellerator. - complete set of "getter/setter" for all data (as such completly integrates to IDEs; e.g. Eclipse/ZendStudio) - robust custom SOA-client, adding features like Logging, Tracing, Type-triggered programming model (optionally), and much more - support for custom-fields and custom-objects (generation on request) The Toolkits are released under LGPL. developed by InTradeSys Limited
Project Owner:  Carsten Harnisch
Created: Thu Mar 19 16:02:19 GMT 2009
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Grails Plugin
Grails Plugin is an open source rapid application development tool for Salesforce and the platform. <br/> <br/>Riptide developed the Grails plugin for use within the Grails web framework, and provides seamless integration into The plugin utilizes the partner WSDL to describe and create a local application domain model from all objects defined within your Salesforce org. <br/> <br/>Upon installation of the Grails Force plugin into your Grails project, you will need to modify your Config.groovy file adding your Saleforce API credentials and will need to execute the new grails command "salesforce-generate-all" to begin the code generation. <br/> <br/> <br/>After the plugin completes all code generation, you will now have the ability to begin querying, creating, updating and deleting data in Salesforce org directly from your Grails web application. <br/> <br/> <br/>For more information on Riptide Software ( and how we can help you with custom development, integration or Salesforce implementations please contact us toll free: (800) 747-8433 or email
Project Owner:  Zenon Rawley
Created: Thu Apr 30 17:37:21 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Dotnet API
Easy-to-use API to integrate your .NET solution against your data.
Project Owner:  Stian Solberg
Created: Mon May 18 17:08:13 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Google Maps Mashup
I search many places and found many complex usage of google-maps. This is the most simple approach for Salesforce-google maps mashup. It uses a single visualforce page and standard objects (Account and Contacts) The functions are loosely coupled and can be reused for any object (Standard or custom)
Project Owner:  Siddhesh Kabe
Created: Mon Jun 22 06:07:48 GMT 2009
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Data Loader CLIq
Configuring the command line interface (cli) for the Salesforce Data Loader can be daunting, especially for first-time users. CLIq provides a simple wizard to create a basic directory structure and configuration files.
Project Owner:  Vijay Swamidass
Created: Sat Nov 14 01:10:18 GMT 2009
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Python Toolkit
The goal of this project is to provide a thin layer around the Salesforce SOAP messaging that consumes both the Enterprise and Partner WSDL formats and implements the Salesforce API 17.0 spec.
Project Owner:  rmanns
Created: Fri May 21 19:15:57 GMT 2010

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