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Salesforce and Chatter Zimlet
Salesforce and Chatter Zimlet : People spend most of their time on Email platform and may not use Chatter as much as they could and should. This Zimlet brings the power of Salesforce and revolutionary Chatter right into Zimbra Platform. The goal(hope) is to integrate them in such a way that people really see the benefits and enjoy these cool technologies What is Zimbra? Zimbra is a leading open-source email and collaboration suite. We have 55 million+ paid mailboxes and counting. Some of our customers include: Comcast, Stanford University, H&R Block For more information, please visit: What is Zimlet? Zimlet is essentially a plugin or an App for Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Zimlets are open-source & allows developers to quickly create some powerful plugins. For more information, please visit: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: - Use this for reference only as this is currently alpha version.
Project Owner:  raja rao
Created: Mon Jun 07 21:45:36 GMT 2010
Written by Evan Callahan for the Chatter Developer Challenge, Email2Chatter is an Apex email handler that accepts email from Salesforce users and posts email content and attachments to the sender's Chatter feed. <br/> <br/>This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.
Project Owner:  Groundwire
Created: Tue Jun 08 05:46:24 GMT 2010
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Chatter Graphs
iHance Chatter Graphs provides a visual interface to explore your Chatter social network data. See multiple levels of who-is-posting-to-what, and navigate within the graph to load new data on-demand.
Project Owner:  jhart
Created: Wed Jun 09 20:24:19 GMT 2010
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Twitter Campaigns, with Chatter
Twitter Campaigns allow Campaigns to be created using a Twitter #hashtag, capturing and storing Tweets containing the hashtag. Leads and Contacts with a matching Twitter username will be updated with a Chatter post indicating their participation, and an associated post on the Twitter Campaign will indicate that there are records in the system matching one or more usernames. This app uses Twitter's Search API to capture Tweets based on hashtags matching the campaign's hashtag; subsequent campaigns with matching hashtags, since Tweets can have more than one, match to Tweets already captured; only unique Tweets are stored. Connections are also made to existing Leads and Contacts with matching Twitter usernames, and Chatter posts are added to any associated Leads, Contacts and back on the Twitter Campaign to notify Sales, Marketing and whoever follows those records that there are participating Twitterers in the database. The Chatter posts on Leads and Contacts contain the body of the tweet and a link back to Twitter to provide access to all the embedded links as well as the user's full tweet stream.
Project Owner:  Duncan Stewart
Created: Sat Jun 12 12:32:53 GMT 2010
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Chatter Notifier
Chatter notifier notifies once's followers with birthday or anniversary dates. Followers can help that person in celebrate by posting a message on his wall or sending him a gift. One can control his birthday or anniversary notifications to his followers by using the “Notification” setting tab. If a user has disabled/Unchecked his birthday/anniversary notification, his birthday/anniversary will not be notified to his followers.
Project Owner:  ashok kumar
Created: Sun Jun 13 13:11:44 GMT 2010
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Chatter Live Chat
The 'Chatter Live Chat App' is an application built on top of Salesforce Chatter. The application allows Support Reps to chat with visitors of their website to resolve issues and problems. The application automatically creates a Case record and stores the whole conversation in the form of Feed Posts for a Case record
Project Owner:  Shamil Arsunukayev
Created: Tue Jun 22 08:31:22 GMT 2010
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Chatter Messenger
Chatter messenger allow peoples in an organization to chat with each other. They can have one to one communication using chatter messenger without need of any external messenger from within there salesforce org. Finally they have the option of sharing their chat to their chatter wall with a single click ‘share’. All peoples in an organization are available as chatter messenger contacts. One can select any contact to chat with. If he is online, he can reply you back. If he is offline, he will receive you message when he gets online to chatter messenger app. Selecting the Chatter Messenger tab login’s that user to chatter messenger app. Your will be then show as online to other Chatter Messenger user’s. One can change their status to either ‘OffLine’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Invisible’ as required by the user. If a user (contact) is idle for more than 30 minutes, he will logout and his status will be set as offline. He can again get online by changing his status as ‘Online’. Chatter messenger provide a real time chatting experience line any other messenger. This can help peoples who want to have one to one discussion with each other while working with in the salesforce org. Later one if they feel to share their discussion they can share their chat or discussion on chatter wall.
Project Owner:  ashok kumar
Created: Tue Jun 22 03:24:44 GMT 2010

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