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The new Toolkit for Google Data APIs provides a free and open-source set of tools and services that developers can use to take advantage of Google Data APIs from within The goal of the toolkit is to make Google Data APIs ? starting with Spreadsheets, Documents and Calendar ? first class citizens of the environment. Specifically, the toolkit exposes these APIs directly within Apex, making it easier to access them natively from apps and providing tighter integration between the platforms with less developer effort.
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Sat Oct 18 00:39:13 GMT 2008
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If you’ve wanted to embed data visualizations in your app, or if you’ve wanted to create your own dashboards using timelines, heat maps or other specialized visualizations, we have good news for you. We have put together this project to allow you to do just that. With the Visualforce components included in this project, you can now easily embed Google Visualizations in your Visualforce pages. To learn how to get the code and walk through a code sample, head on over to the wiki links listed below.
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Mon Nov 03 15:54:39 GMT 2008
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Google Checkout
This is the basic code for integrating Google Checkout with taking advantage of the Google Checkout Polling API so that it can be completely native.
Project Owner:  Steve Wright
Created: Tue Nov 04 20:56:13 GMT 2008
Visualforce and Apex Classes for building Google Earth and Google Maps applications. These classes and components allow developers to quickly understand and build Visualforce pages that display Google Maps and Google Earth directly in the browser. Map your accounts, or extend this project to map other objects that have Latitude and Longitude information. <br/>In addition there are Apex Test Methods that meet or exceed 75% code coverage so that you can quickly add these components to your existing apps. <br/> <br/>The Maps are shown using the Google Visualization framework. This allows you to take advantage of current and future features from Google easily and quickly.
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Fri Nov 07 17:24:30 GMT 2008
With for App Engine, Web applications built on App Engine can leverage enterprise data stored in The new for Google App Engine gives developers: <br/>• Java libraries designed to run on Google App Engine, allowing App Engine apps to read and write to using the SOAP API <br/>• A means to leverage Java in the scalable App Engine cloud environment and interact directly with the native database, workflow and logic capabilities in <br/>• App Engine developers gain easy access to services and capabilities including mobile, analytics, security and sharing models, user authentication, multi-language and currency support and more. <br/>• An open source SOAP Web Service client that provides transportation and object level access from Google App Engine applications directly into the platform. The Web Service client can also be used with other WSDLs and is available at both and <br/>• Complete Java docs for the Web Service client, including Java source code <br/>• Complete Java docs for the partner SOAP library, including Java source code <br/>• Getting Started guide for and Google App Engine developers to get up and running quickly <br/>• A sample application that combines both cloud computing platforms to build a simple catalog shopping experience
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Wed May 27 04:27:34 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Bot
This is quick and easy way to access your organization data. Currently it supports GET method to access your org data. These days we all use chat windows like most popular Gtalk. So, there should be one tool which can easily plugged into our daily used GTalk and whenever we want to access our organization data , we can just click on our “salesforce bot GTalk contact” and fire a GET method. It will instantly provide the response. For More Info:
Project Owner:  aslam bari
Created: Tue Nov 10 04:13:27 GMT 2009
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Google Earth Chatter
This is a simple blend of Google Earth and Chatter, written at the Cloudforce 2010 hackathon. (cleaned up and updated - 7/14/2010) This application is intended to be a starting point for any form of geolocation based on Chatter messages. In this example an Account controller is used which requires custom Number fields in the Account object (see included Readme.txt for details). On the right a list of recent Account Chatter posts show current activity. You must be Following the account for this to work. *** Install notes: Although there is an AppExchange install option that will install all of the code (page, component, etc.), you must obtain api keys from google at: and enter them into the geoApiKey2.cls file. You must also set your Remote Site settings to allow: for Google Earth Chatter to work. Additionally, after standard install into fresh new dev org the google earth component does not load for some reason. I recommend copying everything from this package, one file at a time, and recreating the application from scratch. Something appears to be broken in the Javascript after a standard install through the AppExchange but I haven't figured it out yet. Therefore, the install helps to quickly get all custom fields, classes, pages and the component into an org but in my own testing I had to copy and paste the code into **new** classes/VF page to get the install org to funtcion properly. Please feel free to post any questions to: and I'll respond as time permits.
Project Owner:  Adam Purkiss
Created: Tue Jul 06 08:41:36 GMT 2010
Import data from Google Analytics into Salesforce and applications for reports, dashboards, and mashups.
Project Owner:  Mavens Consulting, Inc.
Created: Wed Apr 20 21:43:44 GMT 2011

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