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With for App Engine, Web applications built on App Engine can leverage enterprise data stored in The new for Google App Engine gives developers: <br/>• Java libraries designed to run on Google App Engine, allowing App Engine apps to read and write to using the SOAP API <br/>• A means to leverage Java in the scalable App Engine cloud environment and interact directly with the native database, workflow and logic capabilities in <br/>• App Engine developers gain easy access to services and capabilities including mobile, analytics, security and sharing models, user authentication, multi-language and currency support and more. <br/>• An open source SOAP Web Service client that provides transportation and object level access from Google App Engine applications directly into the platform. The Web Service client can also be used with other WSDLs and is available at both and <br/>• Complete Java docs for the Web Service client, including Java source code <br/>• Complete Java docs for the partner SOAP library, including Java source code <br/>• Getting Started guide for and Google App Engine developers to get up and running quickly <br/>• A sample application that combines both cloud computing platforms to build a simple catalog shopping experience
Project Owner:  Ron Hess
Created: Wed May 27 04:27:34 GMT 2009

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