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CMSForce is a native content management system that fully integrates with Salesforce and Sites. Your webmaster can define templates that define the look and feel of your website using standard technologies such as html, flash, css etc...<br/><br/>Business users can then use these templates to create/edit pages on your website via WYSIWYG editing.<br/>Included also is a point and click editor that allows you to dynamically define forms to collect information from your web site into any standard or custom object.<br/><br/>Great for landing pages, event registration, web2lead, web2case ...
Project Owner:  David Van Puyvelde
Created: Thu Jul 16 09:51:00 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Bot
This is quick and easy way to access your organization data. Currently it supports GET method to access your org data. These days we all use chat windows like most popular Gtalk. So, there should be one tool which can easily plugged into our daily used GTalk and whenever we want to access our organization data , we can just click on our “salesforce bot GTalk contact” and fire a GET method. It will instantly provide the response. For More Info:
Project Owner:  aslam bari
Created: Tue Nov 10 04:13:27 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Pinger
An application used to ping your team on Gtalk (or any IM) whenever you want. For example if you want whenever you won an opportunity you want to send a (ping) your team on GTalk with its details. So, you can write one trigger on Opportunity and send message to your users by using just a single line of code:- BotService.sendMessage('Hey!!!We won this opportunity'); Is it seems interesting!!!
Project Owner:  aslam bari
Created: Sun Feb 07 18:37:51 GMT 2010
This project holds the source code for's Auction Management package for Salesforce. It consists of an Application, multiple custom objects and tabs, and the usage of Opportunities and Campaigns. The auction management system has been designed to handle both the donated items that come in (e.g., airline tickets, a painting, a case of wine, etc.), as well as the actual auction items that will be sold (e.g., a vacation package, a painting, a wine and cheese basket, etc.). This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.
Project Owner:  Groundwire
Created: Wed Mar 24 22:01:54 GMT 2010
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Python Toolkit
The goal of this project is to provide a thin layer around the Salesforce SOAP messaging that consumes both the Enterprise and Partner WSDL formats and implements the Salesforce API 17.0 spec.
Project Owner:  rmanns
Created: Fri May 21 19:15:57 GMT 2010
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Chatter Notifier
Chatter notifier notifies once's followers with birthday or anniversary dates. Followers can help that person in celebrate by posting a message on his wall or sending him a gift. One can control his birthday or anniversary notifications to his followers by using the “Notification” setting tab. If a user has disabled/Unchecked his birthday/anniversary notification, his birthday/anniversary will not be notified to his followers.
Project Owner:  ashok kumar
Created: Sun Jun 13 13:11:44 GMT 2010
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Chatter Messenger
Chatter messenger allow peoples in an organization to chat with each other. They can have one to one communication using chatter messenger without need of any external messenger from within there salesforce org. Finally they have the option of sharing their chat to their chatter wall with a single click ‘share’. All peoples in an organization are available as chatter messenger contacts. One can select any contact to chat with. If he is online, he can reply you back. If he is offline, he will receive you message when he gets online to chatter messenger app. Selecting the Chatter Messenger tab login’s that user to chatter messenger app. Your will be then show as online to other Chatter Messenger user’s. One can change their status to either ‘OffLine’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Invisible’ as required by the user. If a user (contact) is idle for more than 30 minutes, he will logout and his status will be set as offline. He can again get online by changing his status as ‘Online’. Chatter messenger provide a real time chatting experience line any other messenger. This can help peoples who want to have one to one discussion with each other while working with in the salesforce org. Later one if they feel to share their discussion they can share their chat or discussion on chatter wall.
Project Owner:  ashok kumar
Created: Tue Jun 22 03:24:44 GMT 2010
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VF Talkie
The idea is simple. Take whatever output data you have on your Visualforce screen (Output Fields), convert that into MP3 at runtime using the jTalk API, and then pass it to a supporting player like Dewplayer. For integrating this into your VF page you just need to add VFTalkie component on your page with text as below:- &lt;c:vftalkie val="{!accRecord.Description}">
Project Owner:  aslam bari
Created: Tue Aug 03 06:18:26 GMT 2010
Salesforce Single Sign On (SSO) with Delegated Authentication using Google App Engine is a Google App Engine application that allows salesforce users to use their Google credentials to log into salesforce through Delegated Authentication using Single Sign On. <br/> <br/>The package contains a working Java Google App Engine project that allows for Single Sign On. Once a user has logged into their Google App Engine application (with the installed code) click on the Salesforce Login link to access salesforce. (assuming salesforce has been configured correctly for Delegated Authentication) <br/> <br/>The code can be further built on to include additional bespoke security algorithms. <br/> <br/>The Google App Engine application has only been tested against Google Account not Google App for your domain. With some additional configuration and work the application might also work against Google App for your domain.
Project Owner:  msivill01182008
Created: Mon Mar 07 14:48:38 GMT 2011

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