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SQLForce is a command line scriptable tool that provides ANSI like SOQL DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT/DISTINCT, and SELECT/UNION commands that can save you a lot <br/><br/><br/>of time when maintaining SalesForce. See the source link for more info and the jar. <br/> <br/>See for the latest version.
Project Owner:  Gregory Smith
Created: Wed Jan 13 04:30:12 GMT 2010
JavaForce is a Java binding the to the Salesforce partner WSDL that hides many the sObject and governor limitations. It is the core JAR that the applications SQLForce for Jython, CopyForce, and SQLForceForJython rely upon.
Project Owner:  Gregory Smith
Created: Sat Nov 27 12:32:38 GMT 2010

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