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Campaign Combiner
The Campaign Combiner is a Visualforce page that allows users to add campaign members from multiple campaigns into a target campaign, or exclude members who belong to multiple campaigns. For example, if you need a campaign to email all the people you emailed in three earlier campaigns - but NOT the people you contacted in a fourth campaign - the Campaign Combiner is your solution. The page uses several interesting features of Apex and Visualforce, such as batch apex and group by (aggregate) queries. Because campaigns may have many members, the controller uses standard apex for small campaigns and falls back to batch apex for larger ones. This project was created by Groundwire ( At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world.
Project Owner:  Groundwire
Created: Wed Mar 24 23:37:36 GMT 2010
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Twitter Campaigns, with Chatter
Twitter Campaigns allow Campaigns to be created using a Twitter #hashtag, capturing and storing Tweets containing the hashtag. Leads and Contacts with a matching Twitter username will be updated with a Chatter post indicating their participation, and an associated post on the Twitter Campaign will indicate that there are records in the system matching one or more usernames. This app uses Twitter's Search API to capture Tweets based on hashtags matching the campaign's hashtag; subsequent campaigns with matching hashtags, since Tweets can have more than one, match to Tweets already captured; only unique Tweets are stored. Connections are also made to existing Leads and Contacts with matching Twitter usernames, and Chatter posts are added to any associated Leads, Contacts and back on the Twitter Campaign to notify Sales, Marketing and whoever follows those records that there are participating Twitterers in the database. The Chatter posts on Leads and Contacts contain the body of the tweet and a link back to Twitter to provide access to all the embedded links as well as the user's full tweet stream.
Project Owner:  Duncan Stewart
Created: Sat Jun 12 12:32:53 GMT 2010

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