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Now accessing your documents stored in has never been easier, harnessing the power of MacFUSE, mount your document repository as a volume right on your desktop. browse folders, see document previews, double click to open files, just like there were on a local drive.
Project Owner:  SimonF
Created: Tue Oct 28 16:19:42 GMT 2008
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Fast Xml Dom
This API is meant to be an easy to use wrapper over Spring 10 Apex DOM Classes (Document , XmlNode). Spring 10 DOM classes are the most awaited addition to the Apex Library, they will help developers a lot by saving a lot of script statements in processing complex XML documents. But using Spring 10 DOM Classes involves some learning curve and is sometimes little advanced for doing normal XML processing tasks. I was using Ron Hess's XmlDom class prior Spring 10 DOM Classes. I was pretty fond of its simple design and ease to use. Only issue is it eats lot of script statements governor limit as its an ordinary Apex class. So this wrapper was started to give API similar to what Ron Hess but use Spring 10 classes for performance and governor limits. This wrapper gives most of the API's listed by the w3c Node here : I am still developing some of the API's TODO list is on the Google Code page, volunteers and cool ideas are most welcome :-)
Project Owner:  Abhinav Gupta
Created: Mon Mar 01 17:53:54 GMT 2010

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