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SOQL Query Tool
The Appirio SOQL Query tool is an open source Visualforce SOQL query engine that allows you to run SOQL queries right from w/in your org. It displays the results in a grid below the input field and allows for sorting and other basic features.
Project Owner:  Kyle Roche
Created: Thu Mar 19 02:24:40 GMT 2009
SQLForce is a command line scriptable tool that provides ANSI like SOQL DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT/DISTINCT, and SELECT/UNION commands that can save you a lot <br/><br/><br/>of time when maintaining SalesForce. See the source link for more info and the jar. <br/> <br/>See for the latest version.
Project Owner:  Gregory Smith
Created: Wed Jan 13 04:30:12 GMT 2010
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Project SFRWatcher is a (WebBased) Salesforce Chatter Externalization Tool. It facilitates the reading and the posting to Chatter. 1. FeedPosts (Text, URL, and file attachment) 2. Comments Since Chatter specifies two types of Feeds 1. EntityFeeds - People or entities (groups, accounts) that you are following 2. NewsFeed - News that are generated by you. This tool provides those two tabs. Furthermore, this tool allows you to edit Salesforce Data, just like SFExplorer (pc) or SOQLExplorer (mac). My app follows the SF security model, meaning that things you cannot edit are marked with red labels. Read "Salesforce_objects_controller.rb" for details. Technically, it demonstrates how to call. 1. SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language); 2. SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language). It is a pure RubyOnRails app. And, it does not require you downloading Partner.WSDL or Enterprise.WSDL to generate the stub class. This is a big advantage over the Java and C# model apps explained in the Salesforce Web Services Dev Guide. The baseline technologies are ActiveSalesforceAdapter (ActiveRecord Adapter) and RForce (used by the adapter, for sending and receiving SOAP requests).
Project Owner:  Raymond Gao
Created: Sat Sep 25 02:19:39 GMT 2010

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