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Grails Plugin
Grails Plugin is an open source rapid application development tool for Salesforce and the platform. <br/> <br/>Riptide developed the Grails plugin for use within the Grails web framework, and provides seamless integration into The plugin utilizes the partner WSDL to describe and create a local application domain model from all objects defined within your Salesforce org. <br/> <br/>Upon installation of the Grails Force plugin into your Grails project, you will need to modify your Config.groovy file adding your Saleforce API credentials and will need to execute the new grails command "salesforce-generate-all" to begin the code generation. <br/> <br/> <br/>After the plugin completes all code generation, you will now have the ability to begin querying, creating, updating and deleting data in Salesforce org directly from your Grails web application. <br/> <br/> <br/>For more information on Riptide Software ( and how we can help you with custom development, integration or Salesforce implementations please contact us toll free: (800) 747-8433 or email
Project Owner:  Zenon Rawley
Created: Thu Apr 30 17:37:21 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Dotnet API
Easy-to-use API to integrate your .NET solution against your data.
Project Owner:  Stian Solberg
Created: Mon May 18 17:08:13 GMT 2009
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Test Execution Emailer
For deploying code in production, or uploading a package, your code coverage should be above 75%, and no trigger should have 0% coverage - otherwise the platform doesn’t allow a deploy or upload. <br/> <br/>Suppose, at the time of class creation, you implemented the test method as well. After some time on a client request, some changes have been made in the controller and you forgot to modify the test method. At the time of deployment this failure and the lack of coverage will not allow you to deploy the code. <br/> <br/>These culprits can be a cause for missing deadlines. <br/> <br/>So get rid from this panic with this utility I created. Using this tool, Run All test can be scheduled and the results will be emailed on to the specified email addresses. So each morning you access your email, RunAllTest.xls will be there. By looking at this you will always be up to date with your coverage - reducing the last moment pain for developers. <br/> <br/>Documentation and presentation files to help setting up your environment are inside the package.
Project Owner:  Bhawani Sharma
Created: Mon Sep 26 16:53:15 GMT 2011

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