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The Accelerator Toolkit for PHP is a PHP Package for accessing the API through the PHP language. The SFatp runs on usual PHP installation starting from version 5 with cURL- and Open-SSL-support. The big benefits over the existing toolkits are : - full support for all APIs (Partner, Metadata, Enterprise, Apex) - complete support for all methods in the the APIs - full-typed php-classes for all schema-types; no need to work with stdClass - completly pre-generated library that will not need to pre-parse the WSDL. Resulting in a performance benefit; could be even higher together with a PHP byte-code acellerator. - complete set of "getter/setter" for all data (as such completly integrates to IDEs; e.g. Eclipse/ZendStudio) - robust custom SOA-client, adding features like Logging, Tracing, Type-triggered programming model (optionally), and much more - support for custom-fields and custom-objects (generation on request) The Toolkits are released under LGPL. developed by InTradeSys Limited
Project Owner:  Carsten Harnisch
Created: Thu Mar 19 16:02:19 GMT 2009
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Salesforce Dotnet API
Easy-to-use API to integrate your .NET solution against your data.
Project Owner:  Stian Solberg
Created: Mon May 18 17:08:13 GMT 2009

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