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App Distribution (2) Bundle logic, interface and services for distribution. App Logic (37) The Apex programming language, workflow and formulas for logic. Collaboration (6) The Salesforce Chatter collaboration platform. Database (29) Data persistence, reporting and analytics. Integration (33) Web Service APIs and toolkits for integration. Security (9) Platform, application and data security. Tools (4) tooling User Interface (36) Visualforce MVC and metadata-drive user interfaces. Web Sites (12) Public web sites and apps with optional user registration and login.
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Retrieve a List of Objects using Apex
voted as verified by S.K.EZDHAN HUSSAIN  (2014-12-12)

Good work..

Trigger Pattern for Tidy, Streamlined, Bulkified Triggers
by ccouture01242013  (2014-11-28)

I would like to know how one would write a test for this.  I see that the interface does not...

Creating a Wizard with Visualforce Pages
by MickaelG  (2014-11-27)

Works great, just read well this page and the code by itself.

Creating a Wizard with Visualforce Pages
by MickaelG  (2014-11-26)

Heyall, Getting this error trying to save the Apex page &quot;opptyStep1&quot; : <td...

Overriding a Page for Some, but not All, Users
by uma pen  (2014-11-20)

Is this code still valid? I am getting error &quot;<span style="color: rgb(128, 128, 128);...

String Masking using RegEx
by a093000000Yi0vo  (2014-10-28)

Hi Mike, I have tried this receipy, but its not working for me and at the same time its not...

Building a Table of Data in a Visualforce Page
by a093000000Yhy0s  (2014-10-14)

How does one modify the controller so that it always pulls the contacts from the same named...

Interact with the REST API from PHP
by a093000000Yhqeo  (2014-10-01)

hello every1, this is working fine for me, and thanks for this lovely Doc. but here i didnt get...