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App Distribution (2) Bundle logic, interface and services for distribution. App Logic (37) The Apex programming language, workflow and formulas for logic. Collaboration (6) The Salesforce Chatter collaboration platform. Database (29) Data persistence, reporting and analytics. Integration (33) Web Service APIs and toolkits for integration. Security (9) Platform, application and data security. Tools (4) tooling User Interface (36) Visualforce MVC and metadata-drive user interfaces. Web Sites (12) Public web sites and apps with optional user registration and login.
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Building a Table of Data in a Visualforce Page
by a093000000Yhy0s  (2014-10-14)

How does one modify the controller so that it always pulls the contacts from the same named...

Interact with the REST API from PHP
by a093000000Yhqeo  (2014-10-01)

hello every1, this is working fine for me, and thanks for this lovely Doc. but here i didnt get...

Trigger Pattern for Tidy, Streamlined, Bulkified Triggers
voted as verified by S.K.EZDHAN HUSSAIN  (2014-09-20)

Great Way to implement triggers

Registering a Custom Domain for Your Site
by trs24  (2014-08-26)

This recipe is out of date. The steps should be add your domain:...

Using jQuery in a Visualforce Page
by Sameer Jaffery  (2014-08-17)

Hi All, This code not working with me. I tried the older version of jQuery also. Dont know where...

Interact with the REST API from PHP
by Gunaseelan B  (2014-08-12)

I like to use session_id instead of oauth. Where I need to change the code?

Interact with the REST API from PHP
by Gunaseelan B  (2014-08-12)

I do not have a web server with SSL enabled. How can I accomplish this?

Initialising Maps from Queries to Save Script Statements
by deckblad11082013  (2014-08-05)

I really wish these examples used proper case on object types.