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App Distribution (2) Bundle logic, interface and services for distribution. App Logic (37) The Apex programming language, workflow and formulas for logic. Collaboration (5) The Salesforce Chatter collaboration platform. Database (29) Data persistence, reporting and analytics. Integration (33) Web Service APIs and toolkits for integration. Security (9) Platform, application and data security. Tools (4) tooling User Interface (36) Visualforce MVC and metadata-drive user interfaces. Web Sites (12) Public web sites and apps with optional user registration and login.
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Retrieving Information from Incoming Email Messages
by Developer Force  (2011-01-17)

How to create new records from data in an incoming email.

Controlling Recursive Triggers
by Developer Force  (2011-01-17)

How to write a trigger that creates a new record as part of its processing logic, which may in turn invoke another trigger.

Developer Force posted recipes

You want to upload a sales report into one or more Salesforce CRM Content libraries that you are a member of so other members of those libraries can see it.
You want to customize how a Salesforce CRM Content document's detail page looks to end users to include your company's branding.
Your coworker has uploaded a file to Salesforce CRM Content and you want to add a few more slides to make it more relevant for your purposes and use it offline.
You want to publish an updated piece of content, but ratings and comments.
How to publish from your Salesforce CRM Content personal library to a public library.