June '09 Force.com Cloud Developer Challenge - Closed

  • T-Shirts will ship to all valid submitters before mid-September
  • Submission will be reviewed
  • Top 10 apps will be announced last week of September

Ready, Set, Code!

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Take part in the new Force.com Cloud Developer Challenge! The Force.com Cloud Developer Preview program is now officially open to all developers. Submissions end August 31, 2009.

You can participate, starting today, and there aren't many rules to hinder your creativity (see below). We want to see how far you can take the platform, and the new Force.com Sites in particular. For each submission, we'll be giving away a t-shirt (while supplies last). We'll also be handing out a MacBook Pro, iPod nanos and iPod touches for interesting applications that show innovation or creativity.

So, regardless of your background or where you are, join in!

Who can Participate?

Anyone who want to learn about cloud computing and get hands-on-experience! All you need is a (free) Force.com Developer Edition (DE) environment. Simply register for the developer challenge using your DE login so we can communicate with you. If you don't have a DE environment, we automatically provision one for you when you register for the developer challenge.

The Rules

You can use any or all parts of the Force.com platform, as long as you use Force.com Sites—which lets you build public websites and web applications. You can submit as many applications as you like. When you submit an application, you must submit the URL of your Force.com Sites-based application. For more details, check out the Developer Challenge Guide.

The Challenge

You can create any application you like, but if instead you want to participate in a structured challenge, check out the following:

  1. Build a product catalog
  2. Build a blog engine
  3. Build a survey application

See the Developer Challenge Guide for more details.

The Prizes

We'll be highlighting exciting submissions throughout the challenge and handing out free t-shirts while they last. After the challenge, the Developer Force team will give away a MacBook Pro, iPod Nanos and iPod Touches to the most exciting submissions.

How to Collaborate

We have a discussion board where you can go to talk about the challenge. Ask your questions, form teams, or share your tips on the board.

Who's Signed Up?

See the current list of participants.

How to Submit

Visit the challenge submission form to submit your application.

Recent Participants

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