Abhinav Gupta,
2011, 2012, 2013 Force.com MVP

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Abhinav Gupta is an independent force.com consultant with 10+ years of industry experience(working on Force.com platform since 2008). He is passionate about force.com platform, and loves to make things happen using force.com + various "internet of things".

Day to day findings and research in troubleshooting issues are frequently posted on his force.com blog (www.tgerm.com). He spoke at dreamforce and in multiple salesforce meet-ups in various cities in India and outside. He authored “Force.com Tips and Tricks” which is a pocket guide for experience Force.com developers and administrators published by PacktPub.

Abhinav is regular contributor to open source community, here are some key projects:

  • Tolerado : Fault tolerant SOAP webservice connectors for Force.com in Java. This framework is featured in salesforce blog, and used in many enterprise integrations so far.
  • Fast XML DOM: Apex wrapper to expose W3C DOM API on top of Spring'10 Apex XML API. This library got featured in Salesforce developer newsletter.
  • LREngine: Apex framework to simplify rollup triggers on lookup fields. This framework was taken to next level recently by Andrew Fawcett(Force.com MVP and FinancialForce, CTO), an admin friendly interface was given to simplify setup of rollups on lookup relationships.

Salesforce developer quizzes and challenges is something which excites Abhinav a lot. He got honourable mentions in various salesforce challenges and won third prize in the 2010 Salesforce Developer Challenge for his mobile location sharing application.

Abhinav lives in India with his wife and little daughter, he enjoys meeting new people, reading technology books and magazines, playing table tennis, and participating in online computer gaming tournaments.