Ankit Arora,
2012 MVP MVP > Ankit Arora

Ankit Arora is an avid certified professional working on the platform since 2008. Since then, he has been involved in architecting, building and implementing solutions for on-premise and AppExchange applications. He has also won many online challenges rolled out by Salesforce like TwitterTrivia, Hammer of Thor, CloudTrivia etc.

Ankit is leader of Salesforce Platform Developer Users Group Jaipur and authored “ Tips and Tricks” which is a pocket guide for experience developers and administrators published by PacktPub. He has been contributing to the Salesforce community in various ways and through various channels. He is passionate about and exhibits the same with his blogging and twitter presence. He is acting as moderator on Salesforce Discussion Boards and shares his knowledge and experience by providing effective and converging solutions to developer queries. He has submitted many cookbook recipes that can be found in the online cookbook.