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The for PayPal X Payments Platform toolkit lets developers explore and use various payment APIs provided by the PayPal Adaptive Platform. lets you create and deliver any kind of business applications, entirely in the cloud. You can now easily extend your applications using the for PayPal X Platform toolkit to handle payments.

The PayPal Adaptive Platform provisions payments through applications or services running in the cloud - so by using the toolkit you can enable money to be sent in many different scenarios, from simple to complex, in the applications that you build on

The toolkit easily handles payments, preapprovals for payments, refunds, and the use of foreign exchange currency conversion rates from within

  • Key Features for the PayPal X Payments Platform toolkit makes it easy to develop applications that require payments processing and related transactions. The toolkit provides direct access to the following two PayPal Adaptive Platform APIs through the native Apex code:

    The Adaptive Payments API enables developers to provide payments between two or more parties (PayPal Personal, Premier and Business Accounts) and in many different ways (Chain and Parallel Payments, Preapprovals, and Refunds, to name a few). The Adaptive Accounts API provisions PayPal Accounts from the application with the information that has been collected from the user, which greatly helps in providing a seamless and better user experience to customers at a higher level.

    The Adaptive Payments and Accounts API consist of the following operations:

    • Pay – to transfer funds from a sender’s PayPal account to one or more receivers.
    • PaymentDetails – to obtain information about a payment previously made.
    • Preapproval – to set up a payment agreement with senders to make payments on behalf of them.
    • PreapprovalDetails – to obtain information about a Preapproval agreement previously made.
    • CancelPreapproval – to cancel a preapproval previously made.
    • Refund – to refund all or part of a payment previously made.
    • ConvertCurrency – to obtain current foreign exchange (FX) rate for a specific amount and currency.
    • CreateAccount – to create PayPal accounts.
    • GetUserAgreement – to obtain the license agreement text for a given country and language or for an account created using the CreateAccount operation.

    The last two operations (CreateAccount and GetUserAgreement) belong to the Adaptive Accounts API and all the other operations are part of the Adaptive Payments API

  • Getting Started

    Getting started with the PayPal X Toolkit for is easy:

    By the end of the tutorial you'll have your first application that uses the PayPal X Toolkit for up and running.

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