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XML Dom parser

Project Owner: Ron Hess

Created: October 17 2008


This class implements a small portion of the wc3 xml dom model. Generally useful for simple XML return objects. Can parse into DOM trees the XML return objects from Google, Amazon and others. Note: stores namespaces in the attributes map. No node typing done at this time The source code contains the documentation that exists, the dom model is described by the links below.

XML Document Object Model
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5 stars
(by Matthew Evans on Fri Feb 01 15:33:02 GMT 2013)
Ron's done a great job, and it covers the dreaded CDATA bug in apex's xml parser. There is a very nice alternative called 'fastXmlDom' (by Abhinav Gupta, that doesn't support CDATA but consumes less apex. Personally, Ron's code is where I start any project, and (if no CDATA rears it's ugly head) switch over to FastXmlDom later if there are any script statement issues.

5 stars
(by Anusha Gogineni on Wed Nov 16 19:55:56 GMT 2011)
This class is awesome. Thanks for sharing. But, I've a question about this. I use this class to parse the XML document returned by a web-service. It might return thousands of records back. I had to save these records in a wrapper class List and While doing that I am hitting 'Too many script statements' exception when the record count reaches 20. any work-around or suggestions for this.

5 stars
(by RAGHUKUMAR MAHAMKALI on Thu Aug 19 15:39:34 GMT 2010)
Best working code so far !! This piece of code saves lot of time and it never fails on you !! Thank you Ron for your contribution !

5 stars
(by Rupert BARROW on Wed Feb 17 16:25:02 GMT 2010)
Hi, This has come out supported in Apex API v18 (Spring '10) :

5 stars
(by Abhinav Gupta on Thu Feb 04 08:59:50 GMT 2010)
Thanks Ron, for giving this useful class. I checked the latest Dom.Document and Dom.XmlNode, I feel your XMlDOM is still better then those. Only issue I see is it shares a lot of "Script statement" governor limits. It could be great, If you can ask sfdc to move this class as standard api like List, Set, Dom.Document Update: Started a new project that is wrapper around Spring 10 DOM stuff. There are many reasons, for details check

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