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Visualforce Calendar

Project Owner: Ron Hess

Created: October 17 2008


Simple example of placing objects on a calendar using Visualforce and a data model that describes months as lists of weeks and weeks as lists of days. This is intended as a starting point for a project and serves no other use at this time. This can be used to create a custom calendar component.

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(by rajendra kakumanu on Fri Aug 23 13:34:07 GMT 2013)
Currently the code is not working ..It showing Visualforce Error Help for this Page System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Class.eventItem.<init>: line 10, column 1 Class.Month.setEvents: line 57, column 1 Class.repeatCon.setMonth: line 52, column 1 Class.repeatCon.<init>: line 31, column 1

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(by Devang Tank on Thu Aug 16 05:10:41 GMT 2012)
Thanks Ron to share custom calendar component, It is working fine. Can you pl. guide me how to select multiple dates using this?

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(by Unknown on Fri Jun 03 14:40:35 GMT 2011)
I was wrong on the duration (due to my testing range). The best way to handle this is to: 1. Edit repeatcon to add IsAllDayEvent to the search results on line 47. 2. edit the event item so that you have a statement 'if (e.IsAllDayEvent = false) { ' Then in the else part put your all day code.

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(by chris roberts on Fri Mar 11 15:26:54 GMT 2011)
Great code Thanks Ron! I have a fix for all day events <pre> public class eventItem { ........... //if not all day event if (e.DurationInMinutes != 1440) { Datetime endd = e.activitydatetime.addMinutes(e.DurationInMinutes); ........ //system.debug(formateddate); } else { // all day event if the duration is 1440 formatedDate = ' ALL DAY '; } ............. <pre>

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