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Project Owner: Ron Hess

Created: October 17 2008

Description for Amazon Web Services lets developers easily create applications that integrate the power of and the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Combining a framework for authentication, native access to the AWS Simple Storage System (S3), and pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMI), the toolkit provides the foundations nessesary to take advantage of these Amazon services directly within

You can now easily manipulate S3 objects from within Apex, and kickstart integration development with EC2.

The download URl will allow you to install the code and examples in your Developer Edition org. for Amazon AWS Package Install
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5 stars
(by Richard Clarken on Fri May 22 13:58:01 GMT 2009)

5 stars
(by Stephen Brown on Mon Nov 03 01:55:21 GMT 2008)
Ron this looks great, we will definitely be making use of this code to put together some Amazon S3 integration! Thanks, Stephen

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