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SOQL Query Tool

Project Owner: Kyle Roche

Created: March 18 2009


The Appirio SOQL Query tool is an open source Visualforce SOQL query engine that allows you to run SOQL queries right from w/in your org. It displays the results in a grid below the input field and allows for sorting and other basic features.

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5 stars
(by Andy li on Sun Jun 09 09:00:10 GMT 2013)
SFDC query returned an error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'cellIndex' of undefined

5 stars
(by snehal.fulzele04302012 on Thu May 10 07:11:31 GMT 2012)

5 stars
(by James Melville on Tue Apr 10 22:08:41 GMT 2012)
@Jason - simply changing line 15 of the page to: <script language="javascript" src="/soap/ajax/24.0/connection.js" type="text/javascript"></script> worked for me to run aggregate queries. Useful little tool.

5 stars
(by vamsee srungar on Mon Oct 24 19:21:02 GMT 2011)
Hi, I'm new to SFDC , i want to try this tool , bt i'm not sure how to install. I would appreciate if you can provide us some installation steps tht would be helpful.. thanks..

5 stars
(by a093000000Bw5AT on Fri Jun 17 13:36:17 GMT 2011)
Would you have instructions how to install this tool into my org?

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