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Mass Contact Transfer

Project Owner: force2b

Created: March 30 2009


VisualForce Page to perform Mass Contact Transfers. Functions very similar to the Mass Account Transfer page in except that this page allows you to transfer ownership of any Contact by selecting the From/To user and using up to 5 lines of selection criteria. Selection Criteria works like all other Selection Criteria blocks in This page allows the user to reference fields on both the Contact and Account objects when selecting Contacts to transfer. In addition, the Selection Criteria Apex is written so that it can be re-used on another Apex Page.

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3 stars
(by minkesh patel on Fri May 13 05:55:11 GMT 2011)
Hello force2b, It is really good functionality. I think some changes should be there. you have not given the filter criteria proprly as it is in standard i would like to suggest that modify it by giving that filter criteria as per the field selection.

5 stars
(by jeremy powell on Tue Dec 22 00:17:45 GMT 2009)
Awesome functionality - I have been working for several days trying to recreate the standard "Add Campaign Members" functionality for a custom object and I decided to jump onto Code Share and found this really cool piece of code. Also thanks for all the comments - really made it easy to change from the Contacts to a Custom Object. Keep up the good work !

4 stars
(by SteveBower on Mon Nov 16 21:57:45 GMT 2009)
I didn't need the mass transfer capability (which seems to work very nicely as well), but the author saved me a bit of time by creating his Search Criteria class and related code in such a way that I could pull and use it, which I did. Thanks for the forethought! (p.s. Four instead of five because I don't need Mass Transfer and so I hesitate to rate *that* functionality when all I did was use his code.)

4 stars
(by Etienne Coutant on Thu May 07 18:07:58 GMT 2009)

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