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Salesforce Google Maps Mashup

Project Owner: Siddhesh Kabe

Created: June 21 2009


I search many places and found many complex usage of google-maps. This is the most simple approach for Salesforce-google maps mashup.

It uses a single visualforce page and standard objects (Account and Contacts)

The functions are loosely coupled and can be reused for any object (Standard or custom)

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(by Brett Winklesky on Wed Sep 16 16:05:28 GMT 2009)
agreed! this code is not worthy of sharing. tons of errors and incomplete code makes it a bad sample.

1 star
(by idiot.united03262010 on Wed Sep 02 10:41:43 GMT 2009)
Apologies for the errors. Actual this code was developed for a client and I removed some part of the code that was related to the business logic, so I believe there are breaks in the code. I will fix this code as soon as possible I can get time. Just to mention, I used two fields Lat__c and Long__c to store the geocode and distance__c was use to calculate the distance from a fix center to the points. Geocoding was done using a api running periodically. I will get you other parts of the code soon

1 star
(by force2b on Mon Aug 17 17:35:59 GMT 2009)
I suppose this is a good way to get the basic code to use for building your own solution, but this code by itself is not really usable. Besides the syntax errors, it would be a lot better if this project could include the related Page Controller Extension (there is an "{!unchecked}" reference in the code) and possibly some sample data or since there are many references to custom fields that do not exist - distance__c, Lat__c, Long__c.

1 star
(by Joel Dietz on Thu Jun 25 20:25:57 GMT 2009)
A couple errors in the one included page (use of '{!unchecked)' and an incomplete PageBlockSection). Even after you fix them the page still doesn't work as expected, popping up blank Javascript alerts.

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